Ciao from the UK !!

Welcome to all international Panda 4x4 friends

Ciao from the UK !!

Messaggioda pandamonius_maximus » venerdì 18 settembre 2015, 0:48

Hi all,

My name is Simon and joined you for your international off road event in Ciocco earlier this year B-) ...

I have finally found some spare time to join your forum and to say hello again! I have a video of some off road action here in the UK from the last weekend so thought I would share.

I also have a video prepared of our visit to Lucca and all the off road fun we had at the sports village!
I will try to upload this soon as well B-)

I hope you are all well. And hello again to those I met earlier in the year.
This is my car on the Pandaraid rally in Morocco 2014:


I will try to add some more photos of our visit Italy to this thread when I get some more time as well, and maybe some photos of my other Pandas as well :D

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Re: Ciao from the UK!!

Messaggioda Trapperjack » venerdì 18 settembre 2015, 5:45

Hello pandamonius! Welcome to the one and only international Panda off road Club, te PORCI!
We can't wait to meet you at one of our next meeting days at Ciocco or elsewhere.
byebye your friend trapperjack! :-BD
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welcome !!

Messaggioda kestrel4x4 » venerdì 18 settembre 2015, 11:22


Hello Simoooooooon !!! :ymparty: :ymparty:

That's fantastic to see you and your lovely panda in this forum !! :-BD :-BD

Hope to meet you again in the future !!

I love the sound of your exhaust !! =)) =))
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Re: Ciao from the UK !!

Messaggioda LAMPO » venerdì 18 settembre 2015, 19:26

Welcome!! smile
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Re: Ciao from the UK !!

Messaggioda Angelo83 » sabato 19 settembre 2015, 5:59

: Welcome :
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Re: Ciao from the UK !!

Messaggioda Augusto » sabato 19 settembre 2015, 7:39

Hello Simon, congratulations and welcome !!! :-BD
Augusto cuore di Panda :x
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Re: Ciao from the UK !!

Messaggioda fa65 » sabato 19 settembre 2015, 9:25

Hello Simon, welcome !!!
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Re: Ciao from the UK !!

Messaggioda novak » lunedì 21 settembre 2015, 11:22

: Welcome :
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Re: Ciao from the UK !!

Messaggioda Pandatrebbia » lunedì 12 ottobre 2015, 9:43

welcome here, my friend!
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