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Partnership with FanDePanda forum (France)

Messaggioda kestrel4x4 » giovedì 23 giugno 2016, 23:10

Good day folks !!

This discussion and program will explain how a new partnership can engage and support an international development for Panda Off Roading !!!

The goal is to create an interactive dialogue where participants discuss fresh ideas and new thinking on ways in which partnership can support the implementation of a great development period.

The partnership will bring together representatives from both clubs, cars, ideas, information, persons, all of whom have an interest to improve the life of our forums !
By thinking, planning, and working together, the individuals and groups that make a community can accomplish goals that neither could achieve alone.

This partnership gives to our communities a structure for organizing, planning, and implementing our ideas.
Outcomes from the forum, including ‘key messages’ from the dialogues and all options for members will be promoted and will help to link our forums, also considering the events to be held in the next years.

This is the link for the Panda Section inside the Italian Cars Club (France) :

I want to say a special thank you to my dear friend “panda-off-road” (Christophe M.) the responsible of French Panda drivers.
His wonderful job to organize the “RASSEMBLEMENT EN ITALIE” made all of this possible.
I want to say a big thank you to KikiRec, a French panda-driver, for the great help to link our forums.

Please guys remember to use the same nicknames you have in the French forum, thank you !!
I hope to see many of you on-line guys !!!

All Italian users are welcome in the FanDePanda forum, please feel free to use it guys !!!
If you need help, the mods are always available.

Mirko Z.
Ambassador of Panda 4x4 Off Road Club Italia
Panda 4x4 1987 EVO - 1.000 FIRE - "Off Road Special"
Fiat Qubo 2013 - 1.4 PSA - "Carro Bestiame"
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