PANDAUVERGNE 2017 - Official Invitation (France)

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PANDAUVERGNE 2017 - Official Invitation (France)

Messaggioda kestrel4x4 » martedì 18 ottobre 2016, 12:45


Voilà, the Pandauvergne is a Panda 4x4 gathering, open to all types of Panda 4x4, and also to all Italians 4x4 vehicles, which will take place Saturday, (29 April 2017) to Monday (1st May 2017) in Yssingeaux, Haute Loire (43) , this means three days.

For now, the number of participants should be limited to 28 people, we can allow more if necessary. ;)

The weekend will be marked by hiking all the way in the panoramas of the Region, a "Soft" Off Road tour, and to taste the local food of Auvergne. :x

We will be based in a set of cottages with reception room in the countryside just below the volcanoes, with a nice view, the organization is "all inclusive", you bring your 4x4 panda and you do not need anything else !! B-)

We will be happy to welcome you to this gathering, and normally I will come to my turn at the next international raduno in Italy ... with another member of the French club.

Saturday, 29 April 2017 :

Registration until noon to allow time for everyone to get to "Gîtes du "Neyrial"
and take place into one of 4 cottages rented for the occasion.
12.00: departure in a hostel to enjoy Alsatian dishes back to Cottage for 13:30.
14:00: Briefing and Start of the first 60-kilometer hike convoy, moderate difficulty. (4:00 hours duration) with coffee break and snack on a summit in the Ardeche border.
19.30: Aperitive and Meal in the room of the house, Auvergne specialty =p~

Sunday, 30 April 2017 : A long day. . . :ymdevil: :ymdevil:

From 7:00 to 8:30 breakfast in the room.
09h00: Departure for hiking, 40 km of road, 10 km medium difficulty path (some bridge crossing, rocky climbs)
11:00 Stop at Polignac to visit a medieval castle.
12:00: restaurant next to the castle.
13h30: Departure to 50 km road, medium difficulty, with a dangerous point (discussed in Briefing)
16.30: Coffee break on an island of the Loire in Cherac (43)
17.00: return the roads medium difficulties (a long climb)
19:30 Creole Lunch in the room, appetizers and specialty of Reunion, dance party. \:d/ \:d/

Monday, 1st of May 2017 :

8:00 a.m. to 9:00: breakfast
09h00: Departure to Trial Field of "Bas en Basset", 15 km of road, all cars can come. . .
Relaxing around areas or courageous can try to elementary crossing, framed by me and all the good wills present
12:00: Local meals in the trial court, or in houses as time .....
14:00: Small group photo and it's time to get a kiss, happy ending for everyone ! : Beer : : Beer :

The price includes:
The nights in chalets (bring your sleeping bag)
All meals, snacks, drinks
Insurance, room rental, Supplies
The hikes.

Registration is € 70 per person.
Added to this is the benefit for each day as follows:
Saturday: 45 €
Sunday: € 51
Monday: 20 €

Example: a person who participates in three days: 70 + 45 + 51 + 20 = 186 € (per person) (372 € for a couple)
If you do just that on Saturday and Sunday: 70 + 45 + 51 = 166 €

These rates are not fixed, it is the high bar, I will continue to negotiate to lower still.
When booking, I will ask you to pay 2/3 of the amount, you will pay the rest on arrival.
Thus, if the price goes down, it will be deducted from the remaining liabilities.

For couples : do not delay, just so I can put you in a room.
The cottages: Located a few meters from the reception hall, they have every comfort, with bathroom, shower, kitchenette.
To bring down the costs, we will use all sleeping cabins, ie beds and sofas (convertible)
I was assured that all the beds were of good quality.
The link to the house site: ... oisetiers /

To reserve:
Before 1 February 2017, when I send the file or sub prefecture and I valid the insurance.
Reservations after that date will still be possible, provided that a minimum booking is already registered
You can contact me by PM or at the email address:
I will give you my cell phone number by PM or by Mail

We are not in a commercial approach, so if you cancel, we will refund bin. ;) ;)
We just will not ask you to participate in the costs, so that they are not from my pocket

Feel free to ask me or kestrel4x4 :D ;)

See you soon !!! :-BD :-BD
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Re: PANDAUVERGNE 2017 - Official Invitation

Messaggioda BAC » mercoledì 19 ottobre 2016, 9:39

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Re: PANDAUVERGNE 2017 - Invito ufficiale

Messaggioda panda off road » domenica 4 dicembre 2016, 19:58

Little Problem .... O:-) O:-) O:-)

Here's the new's ones :D


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