The Story Of Panda 4x4 Off Road Club Italia

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The Story Of Panda 4x4 Off Road Club Italia

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At the dawn of creation, let’s say since 2002 ...... all users (the “old” ones) were in the panda4x4 section inside
Then, even before I got here, the current administrator of, which was user in the same forum, decided on his own initiative and without consulting anyone, to open up the domain and create its forum, also using other users documents even without warning them.

It was not taken well, and in fact the majority remained on and the new forum received a little success.
Then in 2006 I took the Panda, while the community grew and began to organize the first meetings and the first outings with friends.

After some time of presence on the forum I realized that the newcomers were asking always the same questions, and after a consultation with all the most loyal friends, like "thank you" for the great help received from the community I decided to open at my expense site as "static" site, basically a container of documents with answers to frequently asked questions where to direct new members, but in each document it was mentioned the author; the backbone of the restricted area. was opened to the public on Dec. 4, 2006

One day in 2008, however, the administrators of (which is a “commercial” site) decided to change the engine of the forum, by implementing the one currently in use, which includes five banners ads per page and it’s very difficult to use.

No one warned us of anything, we got it from one day to the other; we also lost all levels of the users and all the previous ones were locked in an archive.
It did not really seem very correct, since the panda4x4 produced half of all traffic of that forum.

Now the time was ripe to create "our" forum; a night on MSN the "founders" were all chatting and it was decided to make the leap.
We contacted Robyone, implementing the current forum domain

The official opening of the new forum took place on Feb. 15, 2008.

The rest is recent history; given the great success, in the first year we had to change three times the hosting contract to increase the performances as a result of the exponential increase of users.

At this point the boat had become too large to manage it so "amateur", operating costs were starting to be important and to give continuity to the project we could no longer think of managing it through voluntary donations (and here I would like to mention the contribution of Americo ).
So we decided to create a club to ensure maintenance of the forum and support other activities of interest.

The March 30, 2009, the "founding fathers" write the memorandum and Articles of Association.

I want to let you note that the ASDC Panda4x4 Off Road Club Italy is the only Italian association legally constituted for Panda4x4.

The "cousins" of have thereafter modified their structure copying ours, some users are enrolled in both forums, but as everyone can see their numbers are not even remotely comparable to ours; Here there are more than 5,000 users "real", as it periodically gate inactive for a long time, and we've had some peaks of 600 hits per day, with 200 and 400 anonymous users who are connected.
To paraphrase an old TV advertising, I think that the difference is the fact that we are driven by true passion for the Panda 4x4 and mechanics in general.

The forum has continued to grow and to evolve over the years, and in 2015 we organized
the 1st Panda 4x4 Off Road Club Italia International Meeting.

I hope that now the situation of our club is clear ......

If you want to get an idea of the size of the forum:

Written by Pandatrebbia (Umberto)

Translated by Kestrel4x4 (Mirko)

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