Hello from England!

Welcome to all international Panda 4x4 friends

Hello from England!

Messaggioda Freebo » lunedì 17 agosto 2015, 21:19

Hello all from England! My name is John and I was one of the few people who came to the 1st Panda Off Road Club Italia International Meeting 2015 in Lucca. I know all of us had an amazing time and thank you all for being so great :-BD

Currently I have two Panda's, the one I drove to Italy was my 1990 Sergio Tacchini:

My second Panda is a 1990 Sisley 4x4:


The Sisley I have only owned for 2 weeks so was unable to bring it to Italy.

I am also the person behind the #PandaClassic page which can be found on Instagram @PandaClassics :YMPEACE:
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Re: Hello from England!

Messaggioda Joe71 » lunedì 17 agosto 2015, 21:28

Freebo welcome among us! our community has no boundaries !!! congratulations for your panda!
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Re: Hello from England!

Messaggioda kestrel4x4 » martedì 18 agosto 2015, 9:42

Hello John !!! B-)

How are you mate ??? Everything fine ???

I'm glad to see you and your pandas after some months !!! :YMPEACE: :YMPEACE:

It's fantastic to see the british persons in this forum, you are a pioneer mate ! :-BD

I can offer you a good : Beer : : Beer :

I hope to see your Sisley the next time you come in Italy :YMDAYDREAM:
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Re: Hello from England!

Messaggioda pandagarage » martedì 18 agosto 2015, 13:50

Hello John, nice to see you again...


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Re: Hello from England!

Messaggioda salvatoreballato » venerdì 18 settembre 2015, 19:58

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Re: Hello from England!

Messaggioda Angelo83 » sabato 19 settembre 2015, 5:56

: Welcome :
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Re: Hello from England!

Messaggioda Augusto » sabato 19 settembre 2015, 7:32

Hello john, welcome!!! :-BD
Augusto cuore di Panda :x
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Re: Hello from England!

Messaggioda fa65 » sabato 19 settembre 2015, 9:29

Freebo welcome !!
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Re: Hello from England!

Messaggioda Tanner892009 » sabato 19 settembre 2015, 9:56

Welcome smile
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Re: Hello from England!

Messaggioda novak » lunedì 21 settembre 2015, 11:07

: Welcome :
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